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Luck and Hill for Lynch, Evans, and Foster? On the clock...


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6 pt tds for passing. My team


QB: Luck, Manning, Palmer

RB: J. Hill, Gore, Doug Martin, C. Ivory, and Bishop Stankey

WR: A. Brown, TY, J. Brown, M. Colston, S. Johnson



His setup


QB: Cam Newton

RB: Marshawn, Demarco, R. Mathews, A. Foster, A. Williams

WR: Mike Evans, J. Mathews, K. Allen, M. Floyd, Garcon.



1 qb 2 rb 3 wr/te 1 true flex


On the clock. He said Mathews isn't out of the question instead of Evans..


Help? lol




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Yeah its Eli, so am I in the minority thinking that getting a slight bump from J. Hill to Marshawn, and a significant bump to Evans from Josh Brown, followed with a high risk extremely high reward Arian snag isn't worth the downgrade from Luck to Eli?


My team would be





A. Brown







This is assuming that Foster can make it back, but I see that as a league wrecker.. Am I just wanting this to work too badly?

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I like it and if Foster pans out which he should it's a good trade for you... if not you aren't in a bad spot just without Luck.

Because it's 6pts passing TD's that doesn't hurt you as much Luck will throw more TD's, but Eli can throw 30+ as well, with Vereen he may even get a couple of those RB receiving TD's. I like the trade but I cross my fingers that Foster comes back on schedule, if Houston is S-ing their P's I hate when teams take things slow with their players. M.Lynch is better than Hill today end of the year we'll see.. you're getting a better RB, high tier 2 WR and Foster which is a bonus.. imo he ugrades with Luck and side grades at most with Hill but loses with losing Evens.. his team is not better afterwards, your's is.


And that's what happens when you draft Newton.

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Okay, comforting to hear atleast one opinion that follows my train of thought. I'm definitely thinking about doing it..


Would it matter to you any to throw in a doug martin or ivory to grease the trade and get it done and past contemplating? I'm hesitant to move ivory as he's a solid flex and same with Martin if he continues he's recent pattern.. Is that the breaking point?

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Stick with your initial trade then grease if necessary. Remember Foster will be your flex when back if you're minus Ivory or Martin no big deal Foster is a potential RB1 when healthy every week playing him at the flex is wacky.. you'll run a little thin but that's the risk.

I'd hate giving up on Martin too but that's how you get trades done his preseason value has risen but no one knows how he'll actually perform until after week 1 of real action.

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