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Wait until the 3rd to take a QB in a 2 QB league?


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I'm drafting in a 2 QB league tonight (pick 7 out of 8) and I'm trying to decide whether or not it would be worth waiting until the 3rd round to take my first QB.


In years past, my league-mates tend to go for the best QB/RB/WR in the first three rounds rather than doubling down at any one position. They also tend to draft 4-5 QBs in the first round so I'm not expecting one of the elite guys to drop to my spot. I am, however, thinking a top RB will slide to me.


Since most of them use ESPN rankings, there's a decent chance Lacy could be there at my first pick (ranked 4th RB on ESPN). I'm tempted to take him and then grab C.J. Anderson with my second pick.


The hope would be that this strategy would cause a run on RB in the second, followed by WR picks in the third. If that happens, I could possibly snag Tannehill in the 3rd. My 4th rounder would then be either be another QB or, more likely, the best WR I could get (AJ OR Megatron). Of course, Forsett would also be an interesting pick if he's still there.


The points in the league are:


QB-0.5pt per completion, 1pt per 25yd, 4pt TD, -2pt INT

RB-0.25pt per carry, 1pt per 10yd, 6pt TD, 2pt 100yd game

WR/TE-1pt per catch, 1pt per 10yd, 6pt TD, 2pt 100yd game


We start 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX (RB/WR), TE, K, DEF, DP.


I think utilizing in RB in the FLEX could be very beneficial if I were able to come away with a three headed monster like Lacy, Andersen, Forsett as their ceiling would be higher than most 3 WR combos I could reasonably come up with.

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Hmmm....it's interesting. There are so many variables, but I like the strategy. The only problem is you don't know what strategy everyone else has. Personally, I'd go with that but don't set it in stone. Be prepared to take a QB in the second round if you need to. I'm still fairly new to all this, but it seems adaptability is the key

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Yea, I think being able to adapt to what the draft gives you is important & I'm not against doing it. I don't like to go into a draft with a strategy set in stone, but I do like to have multiple options.


Looking back at last year's stats, there's a big drop off in overall points after the top 10 with guys going from 350-400 points to barely 250 points. If that were to hold true this year, the point advantage of two elite RBs could be about 10 points a game which I should be able to make up by having a QB tandem of Tannehill and Matt Ryan.


Edit-thanks for the replies, guys.

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