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Youth Football... Makes me crazy


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I am by all accounts an easy going guy. Been helping this year as a Coach for my son's 5th grade football team. I have coached for many years (even before we had kids) so I am not what you would call a newbie coach... But this football thing is different.


2nd game of the year last night vs last year's champion (won all games by 40+ points)... we played them tough but they were clearly a better team and when we couldn't hold them from a first down on our 10 yd line with 1 minute left, I expected them to just kneel down and game over, it was 21-0. But instead head coach from their sideline calls TO and sends starting QB and stud RB back in the game. They proceed to try a pass play into the end zone, incomplete stops clock... they then hop into a hurry up offense and get 2 plays off. Call TO with 1 sec left so they can run the ball again with stud RB (we could not stop all game) scoring again. The refs even were so disgusted they did not allow them to run the conversion... and called the game over. Now the other coaches and I congratulated the boys from the other team but when we hit the coaches section of the other team we let them know we thought what they did was bush league stuff... They then accused us of being unsportsmanlike... Well we had a few words but we all just walked away.

An asst coach come over after when we were talking to our kids to explain to me & some of the other coaches they just wanted to work on some of their passing plays and the hurry up with some of their plays they don't run much. Now I felt like he was BSing us and just trying to make his own conscience feel better but it took all I could do not to tell him to F Off. Because the last scoring play was the same HB sweep they ran all night with their best player...


What is it about Football that made me so pissed off about what they did when in Soccer and BB and Softball and Hockey coaching having some one run up the score.... I always could deal with it? I am still livid about what happened...

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I think it was that they put their top players back in to do it.


If they ran the plays with their backups / kids that may not get many chances to score, I have a feeling it may not have stung as much.


Unless there is a need to build point differential, I hate running up the scores. Unfortunately, many leagues/tournaments use point differential as an early tiebreaker. In many soccer tournaments we have been in, goal differential is the 2nd tiebreak after pool play record, so we need to score as much as possible, so even if we are dominating a team, our kids try to score more as we may need it. Granted, in those situations if it is a big blow out the kids that are primarily defense will be playing forward, etc. Fortunately more of the tournaments are going to a point system where you get 6 points for a win, 1 point per goal up to 3, and 1 point for a sutout, for a maximum possible of 10 points for a game. This way you do not need to run scores up, and there is a greater focus on playing good defense throughout.



Same thing in the basketball tournaments we have played in. Record is first tiebreak, point differential is second, and in two years I have seen many teams eliminated because of point differential, and that is the difference between going home and moving on to regional/national championships.

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YEah I would have been ok with it... not happy but OK with it... if there was a tie breaker with it, but this was just wanting 1 more score. Our head coach called their coach and he claimed they were just trying to work on their no huddle/hurry up offense with all his starters against a real defense (not the leftovers on his team at practice)... he said he wanted to warn our coach before the game but then he would have sounded like an arrogant ahole that they were gonna be up big vs us. This KIND OF diffused the situation but we are all still not sure he was serious. THe coach was pretty cocky but his team hasn't lost in 2 years so he has reason. They are not as dominate this year so it is our hope they finally get knocked off. Here is to hoping we get to see it!


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People get upset about running the score up in bat n ball sports too, believe me. You CANNOT have your kids stop hitting imo, but we always stopped stealing/running on passed balls, held runners up that could have easily scored etc. Just seemed like the right thing to do. :shrug: It's tricky with the young kids though because things can change VERY quickly :lol:

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