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QB Troubles


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So, I've got Phillip Rivers playing in Cincinnati and Peyton Manning playing in Kansas City.


My problem is the fact that Manning has been getting blitzed non-stop, getting sacked, and doesn't seem to have enough time to work out of the pocket. However, Rivers is going up against that decent Bengals pass defense.


Anyone have thoughts?

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I'm playing Peyton all day, but I don't have a problem playing Rivers as he can get it done at QB.

KC gave up 300+ passing yards and 2 TD's to Mallett and Houston, they stopped the run well but besides that they didn't play that great. Peyton this week to bounce back, agree the 0-line stunk, but they will adjust Peyton will do well unfortunately getting rid of JT really proved to be a bad move now they cannot bubble screen TD at will like they did with him last year. Owen Daniels is relegated to help block. This game will hurt CJ more than Peyton I'm not sure how he'll get his passes off but I'm certain it will not be more of the same from him.. It's probably slightly safer to play Rivers but I think if Peyton starts having some success he has the ceiling to outperform Rivers.

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Probably not.. I think Gordon has a hard time but they will get Woodhead out there and L.Green spread them out with the other legit WR's and Rivers is a crafty dude when it comes to spreading the ball around.. Keenan runs excellent routes I think that maybe early on it's low scoring unless someone busts it open but Rivers throws until the final seconds expectations could be tempered a bit but I think even a modest throwing effort SDC has success fantasy relevant success I'm playing Keenan with confidence that he at least gets 4-5 catches and 70 yards with a potential score. Cincy has a nice defense but its not the same comparison because no one is afraid of McGloin throwing the ball not even McGloin in a hockey mask with a machete... Cincy won't lock down the Chargers WR's too many to cover, Rivers can be up and down but I don't think that he's far from his normal game 250+ and 2passing with potential of more.

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