Update: Just 1 spot left! ~ 16 Team ($55), Superflex, PPR, ESPN, LeagueSafe

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New $55 league, wide open.  Saturday morning draft.  Get in while you can.

Draft Date is Saturday AUGUST 26th, 2017 @ 8a.m. PST / 11a.m. EST.  

$55 Payment DUE BY AUG. 5th, 2017!!!

$880 Pot for 2017: 
**Note about other openings:  I also have ONE opening in a 10 team superflex ($30), and ONE opening in a 12 team standard line up w flex "crazy trade" league (the "crazy trade league" is one of my "different" leagues, has no vote review period, and drafts in evening on July 26).  If interested in either of those, let me know.
**If Interested, post email below, or PM your email to me, or simply email me at
More Info:
  • All leagues PPR, through ESPN.  
  • I have both normal flex and Superflex (option to start 2nd QB).  
  • A variety of league sizes, from 10 team to 16 team leagues.  
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all my leagues are already established redraft leagues, going on 4th year for some.
  • Straight up honest commish who runs my leagues tight and clean.
  • Trading is all voted on and ends minimum 3 weeks before playoffs begin.  (Unless otherwise indicated)
  • All $$ held through leaguesafe, majority vote approval. 
  • All my leagues will draft between August 13th to September 4th, 2017.  None drafting in July.  (Unless otherwise indicated).
  • All $$ held through leaguesafe, majority vote approval.  
  • I only allow new managers to join a maximum of two leagues at a time. 
  • Payment for all leagues will be due in early August 2017.  
  • All leagues drafting Saturday/Sunday mornings 8 a.m. PST / 11 a.m. EST. (Unless otherwise indicated).
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Just 6 spots left.  If interested in this cool 16 team superflex league, don't miss out.  Jump in while you can.  Let me know.

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Sent.  Let me know if you don't get it or have any trouble getting in.  Thanks.

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