1 spot Left! Crazy trade league, ESPN, PPR, LeagueSafe

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1 spot open in a super "Crazy trade league".  It drafts this month, July 26th, 7pm PST / 10pm EST.   


But it is NOT like any of my other leagues, its kind of crazy so I will tell you about it first and you can decide if your interested.


It has no trading review period and really only has 2 rules,

#1) once eliminated from playoff contention, your team cannot trade anymore (this is to "try" to discourage player dumping trades once a member knows their team has no shot).

#2) Trading period ends after week 10, no trading near playoffs.

Other than that, it is a wide open free for all with no trade review periods.  Other things I did to encourage all mangers to strive to make playoffs is, allowing 6 of 12 teams to advance to playoffs and I split up winnings pretty evenly among the top 4 finishers.  100% payouts are first place $100, second place $80, third-place $70, 4th Place $50 bucks.


Roster settings are one of each QB, RB, WR, TE, DST kicker and 3 FLEX spots. Also 6 bench spots and two injured reserve. Full PPR, ESPN and LeagueSafe.


Not the normal league for sure, but if it sounds fun and something you would enjoy, jump in!!  You can join alone, or you can even join up with a buddy, so long as I still have the space.  Totally up to you.  But if you join, $25 payment is due immediately.   I already have 11 paid managers and just 1 more spot to fill and pay.  Let me know.


If sounds too wild, no worries.  Only join if this is something that sounds fun to you.  This kind of league is not for everyone.  Shoot me an email if you want in;


ESPN, PPR, Leaguesafe majority vote approval payouts.

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