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Who @ RB to start because we all h8 Crowell?


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Like a lot of peeps, I lost Cook, Carson, and Elliot is on a bye.. Gillislee is a viable play over Crowell at RB2.. but both are not ideal, wouldn't you agree?

But I could play Mack, Collins, Mcguire.. but is there any REAL upside to these guys.  I view Gillislee slightly above Crowell because Crows a bigger bust, but they both reside in the bust zone.

.5 PPR I need to start a warm(er) body at RB2.  I sort of like Mcguire for some reason vs NE, although I know Forte will muck it up should he be able to play.

I'm trying to gauge if Mack's worth grabbing and even stashing or playing.  just a bunch of low ceiling dudes I guess.  

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5 minutes ago, Swashbucklers said:

I would consider McGuire if Powell and Forte are out .  If they do go, I like Mack over Collins.  Still a dicey situation with all three!

appreciate that, I agree as well.. I like McGuire but I won't like him as much should Forte play and especially if Powell does.  Collins seems to be the odd man out.

I'm nervous Buck continues to dominate snaps/carries/catches, West and Collins chip in but then Woodhead comes back and blows it all up again.  I'm probably moving on already from Collins.. He's technically RB3 in BAL so Mack already has more appeal based on him jumping Turbin.

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There is no doubt about it, if Forte and Powell are out than McGuire is your man. 


If not, I like Collins this week.  Here's why, I don't expect West to play.  I do think Allen dominates the touches but did you see how McKinnon shredded the Chicago defense on Monday?  They are down like 4 MLB's and that bolds well for any RB going against them.  It would take 10 or so carries for him to gain 50+ yards and the potential is there for more.


I just picked up Mack but I am not ready to use him although I do expect a 50 / 50 time share with Gore, but Mack has no role as a receiver.  In 3 or 4 weeks when he's getting 70% of the touches and Luck is back (I hope) then he's a viable starter. 

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