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Am I out of line?


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I'd tank all of my games left except for the ones against the owners involved in these trades and hope it screws them all.  

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:33 PM, BottleWalk said:

However in a league with randoms or people you're not fully comfortable with, you need to be able to veto stuff just in case ridiculous things like this happen. This is way beyond the line of acceptability imo...


That doesn't work either. I commissioned a league with a bunch of people that barely knew each other once and there were about 4 people that veto'd every single trade because "they didn't want anyone else's team to get better".

Of course that lead to "revenge vetoes" by the players that were snubbed.

in the long run there were no trades that year. Not one. It was ridiculous and everyone hated each other.


Bottom line is that you have to be in a league where the commissioner can be trusted. Count yourself lucky that you haven't given them any money and find a different league. It's a shame that your fun had to be ruined, but you will find a better league.

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