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Hopes and Prayers Weekly


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Clement did okay, but I lost by 7 because my kicker had a concussion and the qb i had to stream pooped down his leg.


I needed points from Elliott but i didn't want him to go off.


Careful what you wish for.


Still alive for the playoffs but need to win out the next three weeks.

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I'm praying that Tyron Smith (Dallas Cowboys OL) returns next week against the Chargers, so that Prescott can start performing better. His performances the last 2 weeks have cost me my win streak as well as the possibility of a 1st round bye. I play the 2nd and 3rd seeded teams in the 2 upcoming final weeks. Just because I'm in the playoffs, doesn't mean I ain't still playing for anything. I'd like to keep the top seed as well as getting a 1st round bye. That way, I'm 50/50 of getting into the championship instead of 25/75 or 33/67 or whatever my odds are, being in the quarterfinals round. If I would've won this week, then I would've clinched a 1st round bye because both 2nd and 3rd seeded teams lost this week. Yeah, the top 3 teams (mine included) in my league lost this week. I'm still holding a 1 win lead, but it doesn't make me feel better that I play the very teams fighting me for the top spot in the last 2 weeks.

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3 hours ago, BrockStaysHigh said:

Needed wilson to score 4.2 points less than he did lol. Seasons over for me, hoping to play spoiler for the teams i still face.

ouch...that next to last drive for seattle must have driven u nuts.....that drive won me my head to head...I needed 6 more pts for a double win but I figured I was cooked h2h going in anyway......when Wilson connected on that 2pt conversion pass it put me over the top....9-1 the last 5 weeks


russ is not to be messed with......too bad that team is full of stiffs

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90 points from AB.  the rest of the team let me down










kc d


bench had a good day: lee, agholor, cam, goff, sea d




on a more realistic note.... boswell to score less than 8.

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One league I need L. Bell to score less than 30 points to secure 1 seed.

2nd League I need AJ Green and Mixon to score less than 50 points and I secure the 2nd see with a round 1 bye.


Those are relatively easy, my last league we actually started the playoffs already and I'm up by 16, they have Roethlisberger and AJ Green. I have Antonio Brown (If he doesn't play, I picked up Bryant to cover him). With Brown I feel like this one will be 60/40 in my favor. If he doesn't play, I feel like I'm screwed and give myself about 20%.


Good luck and I'm praying that Green has similar numbers to the last 2 times he has faced the Steelers.

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