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You pick em: 4 Teams, All need wins

Chaim Witz

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Team 1:

Important QB Stats: 1pt/25 yds, TD = 4pts,  Int = -1

(Pick one)

Big Ben @ CIN  or Drew Brees vs CAR


RB: Standard 1pt/10, TD = 6

(Pick 1 RB)

L. McCoy vs NE or A. Collins vs DET


Team 2: 

Standard: 1pt/25 yds passing, 1pt/10 ru/rec, All TD's = 6pts

(Pick 1 QB)

Brees vs CAR or Winston @ GB

(Pick 1 RB & 1 WR)

K. Hunt @ NYJ or Mixon vs PIT

Funchess @ NO, Sanu vs MIN, J. Gordon @ LAC


Team 3:

Standard: 1pt/25 yds passing, 1pt/10 ru/rec, All TD's = 6pts

(Pick one QB, 1 RB, 2 x WR/TE)

QB: Big Ben @ CIN or Goff @ ARI

RB: D. Murray vs HOU, Mixon vs PIT, J. Rodgers @ GB

WR/TE: Sanu vs MIN, JuJu @ CIN, C. Davis vs HOU, Z. Jones vs NE, Rudolph @ ATL


Team 4 

1pt/10 yds, TD = 6

(Pick 2 WR)

WR: AJ Green vs PIT, M. Jones @ BAL, Baldwin vs PHI, Funchess @ NO

(Pick 1 Defense)

Tampa Bay @ GB

Minnesota @ ATL


Thank you for your input and your time!






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Team 1: Brees (Ben on the road at a rival could go any which way) and McCoy. The rb q here is coin flip in my opinion though. 

Team 2: Brees, Hunt, Funchess. I don't trust Winston to be fully healthy or I might go with him here.

Team 3: Goff, Mixon, Davis. Maybe flip Davis for juju if AB is out but Goff and Mixon for sure.

Team 4: gotta start AJ, and I would lean Funchess. Don't like either def matchup but I would start Vikings

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