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Was finally able to get re-subbed, but It forces me to logout when I click on Draft Kit articles and won't let me set up a myHUDDLE scoring for my leagues. Tech support just said there are server issues and pushed me off the phone. Any update when these might be fixed? Got a big draft on Sunday.

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Your specific issue may be login related.  Please contact and they will be able to reset your login credentials and that could solve the issue you're describing.


Also, we are continuing to work through some display issues with the newly redesigned tools on the site. One main issue is that the new technology used is not backward compatible with very old browsers. So those still using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 can not view the new tools. They must upgrade to a modern browser or they must remain on the current tools platform.  If this is your situation then click on the link below to switch your browser back to the current version of the site.

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