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The Ships Have tharrrrrr crews! Th' Pearl and Th' Dutchman arrrrrrr ready to set sail!

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We have our two leagues for year one folks (dice roll results in parenthesis) and the draft order for each league as well: 


Ships in Th' Black Pearl + their draft order

1. Sin City Scallywags - Brian Gulsvig (Gullydog) - 3734

2. Mauraders of Island Long - Howard Leeds (FWmaker) - 3519

3. Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers - Matt Hendrickson (Black Jack Bednarik) - 3423

4. No Ho No Ho A Pirates Life For Me - Chris Dunn (WELL DUNN) - 3058

5. Whitecourt Blackbeards - Vic (Huddle name TBD) - 3032

6. Seattle Pieces of Eights - Laurie Ladouceur (eights) - 2806

7. Barbados Blackjack Davy -  Mr. Davy (Zerocool) - 2540

8. San Dimas Sea Dogs - Cap'n Dave Henson (Trojanmojo) - 2391 


Ships in Th' Flyin' Dutchman + their draft order

9. Philarrrrrrrdelphia Furlers - Iris Karasick (Iris) - 2375

10. Redondo Beach Bilge Rats - Kevin Krump (KRUMP) - 2292

11. Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - Douglas Richards (dug) - 2251

12. We Ho Coxswains - Andrew Woloz (AWOLOZ) - 2232

13. SoCal ChARRRRRRgers - Jordan Greenberg (Huddle name TBD) - 2227

14. Yang City Hornswagglers - Jason Yang (Huddle name TBD) - 2118

15. Pitcairn Plankdancers - (Big Chuck) - 1918

16. Loch Ness Monsters - Peter Davies (GooseAmbassadorToJapan) - 1218


The league schedules are all set as on Fantrax and draft order for both ships has been set.  We're ready for the draft starting at 9am ET on August 19!  It will be a serpentine draft for each league so don't sweat it if you are picking 7th or 8th.  


Also, both leagues have identical payouts in year one so if you are in Th' Dutchman, don't sweat it.  If you make the playoffs in year one you'll be in Th' Pearl next year.  


Thanks all and good luck Pirates!


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just a heads up- i start a new job monday, not sure about my availability

will try to preselect.


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