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Thoughts on Trade??

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My team is below.  Last night I was awarded M Sanu and I dropped Damien Williams.  Tired of that guy and his 5 points /game


Having an abundance of WRs, I drafted AJ Green and have had him on my team for the past 7 weeks.  Today I moved him for Sony Michel.  


I suppose I'm asking what other moves should I look at?  The owners of the stud RB's (McCaffrey, Kamara/Murray, Barkley, Cook, Elliott, etc) - none of those guys will budge.  Not one of they will even take a Hopkins or Jones straight up.  Can't say I blame them.  Not sure what else I could look at doing or just take my chances with how I sit now.  


10-team PPR;  I'm 2-5 in 9th place - HOW is that possible with this team??

* We can only roster 6 RB's and 6WR's, so if I'm making a move for another RB, I have to drop one or include one in trade


QB:  J Brissett

RB:  D Freeman;  S Michel;  C Hyde;  C Edmonds;  K Drake;  R Jones II

WR:  D Hopkins;  J Jones;  K Allen;  T Hilton;  M Sanu

TE:  A Hooper

PK:  H Butker

D/ST:  Rams;  Bills

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Note about position limitations

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It's possible because you are extremely weak at RB and have 4 WR studs that should be started every week. You desperately need an RB1. Offer any one of your stud WRs plus Freeman or Michel to anyone and everyone that has a RB1 you want. Hell if you have to offer Hooper as well and stream TEs...but that is only in desperation if you cant do anything else.

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