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There’s a guy in our league who hasn’t adjusted his team since week 2. His record is 1-9 and teams are sending him trade requests. The LM has blocked a couple because they were too lopsided but there are some that are fair. 

I have a suspicion that he joined the league to help his friends win. He always accepts their requests but declines the rest, even if they are fair trades.


He’s dropping key players onto the waiver wire. Darren Waller, Christian Kirk, Emanuel Sanders. 


What should we do? Force him to drop all his players? Should the LM keep vetoing his trades?

Very annoying situation.




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Bush league BS, if the LM has some balls he'll lock the guy out of his team and find some fair way to set the line-ups, and certainly not dropping good players or making trades with his friends. The friends should also be warned, try this again and you'll be kicked out, no refund or nothing. 


Seriously why are so many people such chalupas? Thankfully in almost 30 years of being co-commish of a local league we've never had this kind of stuff go down, and many of these guys are related or good friends or co-workers. We had one annoying guy who didn't want to take no for an answer, always pestering people about trades, and trying to game the system. All the owners gave him a lot of grief and he eventually left (only got in as he helped his brother run a legacy team, then took over that team). We have virtually no turnover in all our years an no drama like this.

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3 hours ago, purplemonster said:

Not a league manager but the guy is tanking and or colluding.  So what do you do just lock the team?


Go to his house and beat his ass.

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