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32 man Dynasty with IDP and balancing, need 9 more

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Looking to fill a second league for 32 man Dynasty, this is a start up.
50 Dollars buy in, top 3 places get money, top place will also get a class ring designed by the winner. Both leagues maybe included in a grand champion type of award (a custom WWE/Sports belt)but ring and if voted on, the belt,are waivable.
Ran on MFL, will use LeagueSafe.
IDP format, points are balanced so top QB AVG is roughly 25 points, but a Top Safety avg is 25 for a more robust, technical draft and giving value to Defenders, TEs were balanced with a boost as well
Breakdown 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR 1 TE 1 SuperFlex, 1 DT, 1 DE, 1 LB, 1 CB 1 S, 1 DefFlex. 30 player roster
AFC and NFC conferences will draft separately, so 2 16 team drafts. AFC will have a full draft class to draft from, and NFC will have a full roster to draft from. Meaning 2 Saqoun Barkleys in the league.
Once initial draft is done, you can trade as you see fit, however you cant have the same player on your team, he could end up in your division however.
Due to CoVid we dont have a draft date set yet aiming for mid july or early august but all parties will need to be paid up for draft order and draft, no payment means you will be replaced.
If I get alot of interest in this format, and can get 32 others that want in after I get my 11, I'll commish a 3rd league.
League rules are here
I'll contact you in PM for more of your information. I also ran a test league last year, I'll pm that info after work as well if you want to see how the test league ran in 2019

2019 test league

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I already filled 1 league, my hold outs flaked leaving me short on league 2.  This started out as a work league and need to fill spots.  I got very experienced and newbies mixed, all very competative

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