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Kris K

Mud Dogs Roster

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Mariota- 1

Prescott- 4

Stafford- 2


Ingram- 3

Murray- 2

Ogunbawale- 1

Pollard- 4


Boyd- 4

Crowder- 2

Gallup- 5

Patmon- 3

Slayton- 4

Tate- 2


Kelce- 3

Brate- 3

Trautman- 3


Forbath- 1

Gonzalez- 4


Brockers- 2

Campbell- 1

Peters- 1

Suh- 1

Williams- 4


Alexander- 4

Bostic- 2

Collins- 1

Klein- 1

Warner- 6


Adams- 6

Baker- 6

Gipson- 1

Harmon- 1

James- 7

Jenkins- 1

Peterson- 1

Rhodes- 1


36 Active Players

98 Contract Years








O. Johnson


I. Smith Jr.

K. Smith

D. Brown

I. Simmons




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Kris had to many years so he took a year off of d. James m. Ingram and k. Alexander that puts him at the required 95 years

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