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I propose (most of this is Henry's ideas):

  • A full FF season is 8 games.
  • If the NFL stops before our FF playoffs are completed, then the 1st-3rd place teams are determined by total victory points at the point in the season with total points as tie breaker.
  • Unlimited covid IR (CIR) spots only for covid players. Still regular IR for injury.
  • Open and free waivers in the 24 hours leading to a game's kickoff to replace a player placed on CIR that week. That acquired player is dropped on Tuesday and back into free agency pool for open bidding. You are not required to add a player.


If the NFL season is 7 or less games then:

  • No season for us.
  • Money carries over to the next season.
  • Following year's draft is determined by random drawing with the lowest 5 teams in 2019 getting three entries, middle 6 teams getting two entries and the best 5 teams getting one entry. We'll use a random online dice roll to generate results with the highest result getting first pick, and so on

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i'm making polls for y'all to vote in where possible. For example, if the NFL plays enough games for us to have  "full" season, I can't think of another option than VPs for declaring a podium. Can you?

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i think my proposal for if there's no season is fine. any feedback?

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