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CBS commissioner and league questions for this year

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Hey Everyone:


We are only a few weeks out and (as commissioner)--- I have some questions and could REALLY use some advice--- please...


Our league has set roster limits as far as number of players and positions that we draft and roster: 2-QB; 4-RB; 5-WR; 2-TE; 2-K; and 2-DEF. ...Each week, you have start start---in order listed : 1-QB; 2-RB; 2-WR; 1-TE; 1-K; 1_D and 1-FLEX (between RB, WR. and TE)... WE use the FAAB (free agent blinding bidding feature for pickups...


Question is: Based on this year and the virus and potential player illness, are we good with these rosters or add an IR spot???

If we add an IR spot---how would and could it it work ---in keeping with our league requirements, etc... ??? I am guessing that CBS has one , but how does it work ---overall on on there???  How would an IR spot affect free agent bidding???


What are your leagues doing as far things like that for this year??? Go with the "status quo" and bid on and pick up players as normal??? Or ride out a 2-3 week COVID break with a player???  We have 2 nights now for pickups: Wednesday and Saturday... Expand those and add nights???


Any ideas or help would REALLY be appreciated!!! Let me know and thanks...



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I use CBS but and am co-commish, but we have never had IR spots, and we also don't have fixed roster spots by position (just for starting slots). 


We are not adding any IR slots and don't really need them since we have a deep bench (start 9 and bench 9) along with no fixed roster spots allows plenty of flexibility. 


We use a standard waiver order reset every week by standings. 

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There isn't a right or wrong way to adjust this year, but we are adjusting in my league this year, and resuming our normal rules next year. If my Fantasy Baseball team is any indicator, COVID-19 will impact not only the NFL, but our Fantasy Football season. We have entire teams sitting out, plus their opponent, and possibly the team they just played and their opponent. We are an Auction League with two keepers. 


Here is what I am implementing for my league this season only:


Supplemental Rules For The COVID-19 Season


NOTES: Unless I find a better site, or you’ve found one to suggest, we will use the website to track players on the Reserve/COVID-19 List, and for the NFL Opt-Out List. The deadline for the NFL Opt-Out List is August 6, so this list should be clear cut on draft night. However, players can still opt out after this date if certain conditions arise.



MyFantasyLeague: Injury status will list Reserve/COVID-19 players as:


·         (C) - COVID-IR (Illness)

·         (H) - Holdout (Opt Out)

Draft Night

Players on the NFL Opt-Out List cannot be drafted nor added to your roster at any point during the season. They are sitting out for the season, thus cannot be drafted. If any of your two keepers opt out after you declare them, and draft night has not occurred, you may select another player from your old roster.

Roster Position Changes

Add in FLEX positions for this season only. The FLEX positions will ease any issues of your active players moving to your Reserve/COVID-19 List during the weeks and not having enough quality starters in the running back and receiver positions. I do want feedback on this change for implementing permanently, or some version of it.

·         Normal Season: RB-RB-WR-WR-WR

·         COVID Season: RB-WR-FLEX-FLEX-FLEX

Unlimited COVID IR Spots

Unlimited COVID IR spots for any player listed on the Reserve/COVID-19 List Tracking website. Only players that are currently on your active roster, are eligible to be added to your COVID IR Spots. Meaning, you may NOT pick up a player from waivers, to stash them in your COVID IR spots, if they were on the waiver wire when their status was changed. All other normal player injuries must reside on your active roster, as they normally are. If a player is on the NFL Opt-Out list, they cannot be added during waivers. If a player is in your COVID IR Spot, and his status changes to Opt Out, he must be removed from your COVID IR Spots.


The extended waivers period now runs for the entire preseason and extends all the way through the Championship Week. Coincidently, the rule changes implemented after last season have this covered. See Page 4 in the 2020 Draft Night Packet for clarity on the rule changes for this season.

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Can't help with CBS cause I honestly think the amount of $ they charge is criminal.  However, will say that we are now running unlimited IR for COVID cases only.  Still have a 3 max IR for all other applicable injury related causes. 


On MFL using the Taxi Squad option for COVID IR. 

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