$30 - Sat Morning Draft - ESPN, PPR, Leaguesafe

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Cool, friendly, fun folks only!!  If interested send me your ESPN email for an invite.  Send to
I have 1 opening (maybe 2?).  All information, and COVID provision details are below.  Give it a read, make sure the planned draft date/time and other settings are acceptable to you, and if interested, let me know.  Payment will be due as soon as league is full.  Thanks.
League Info:
$30 Fee - Payouts $150, $100 and $50 to 3rd.
LeagueSafe, majority vote approval for payouts (PAYMENT WILL BE DUE AS SOON AS LEAGUE IS FULL)
Draft Date:  Most likely this Saturday Morning, 8AM PST / 11AM EST
Full PPR
10 Teams (6 playoff spots)
QBs = 6 pt TDs
Roster = QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, K, D + 8 on bench and 2 IR spots.
2020 COVID 19 Provisions:
This is of course an unpredictable situation, so we have to plan ahead for how we will handle things in case the season ends before week 16. Let me begin by saying, WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME SITUATION. So, if one week into the season your first draft pick gets COVID, TOUGH SHI.... SH KABOBS. Lol.  But I did add an extra bench spot and an extra IR spot, so hopefully that helps.

1 - BEFORE FANTASY PLAYOFFS HAVE BEGUN - All teams mathematically still in contention for a playoff spot will split whatever is in the pot EQUALLY. Example, if it ends in week 5, even the last place 0-5 team would still be technically in playoff contention and would therefore qualify for thier cut of the pot. If it ends week 10 or 11... Any team not mathematically in contention for a playoff spot will NOT qualify and the pot will be split EQUALLY among ONLY the remaining teams who are STILL in contention for a playoff spot.
2. AFTER PLAYOFFS BEGUN - Pot will be split among the playoff teams. Example, if wild card week and 6 teams are in contention. Pot is split EQUALLY among the 6. If after wild card week, and only 4 playoff teams remain, pot to be split EQUALLY among the 4 playoff teams remaining. If the last week and we KNOW who is playing for 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th. The respective pots for those finish positions will be split equally among the 2 teams at each level.

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League is currently filled.  BUT, payment is due by today at 5pm.  Anyone not paid by 5pm will be removed.  And if you want to be on a wait list, please send me an email or inbox me and at 5pm, if I have any replacement needs, I will get back to you later today.  Thanks.

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