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New York Godfathers - Devy Bucks Penalty

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3.2.2 Off-Season / Final Roster Declaration
During the off-season (day after the fantasy Super Bowl, until roster declaration) there will be no roster size limitation. The final cut down date will be Tuesday after the final pre-season NFL game or Tuesday before the first NFL regular season game (whichever is later if there is any difference) at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Each team must designate a max 40 active players, 10 DTS players. and 3 devy players. On, or prior, to final cut down day, each owner must post a message in the league forum listing his: active players, DTS players, devy players, IR players, if any, and the number of contract years for each player on the active roster or IR. If a team does not meet this deadline, a penalty of $1/day AFL-Devy Bucks will be imposed. Commish and Asst. Commish, at their discretion, can seek replacement owner if roster declaration is not made before kickoff of the first regular season game.


I have not received any contracts from you and as such, penalties will be imposed. Please get them to me ASAP.

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