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Age old question- Better player with tough matchup or weaker player with great matchup?


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First year doing fantasy and I am addicted.  Season started rough, I had zero idea what I was doing.  Guys in my league gave me tough love, and now I am must-win next 3 for a hope of the post season.  


I hit the waivers hard the past 3 weeks and have accumulated a stable of what I consider payable tier 2 & 3 WR's.  

10 team halfPPR.    2WR , 1Flex spot.  


Here's what I have:


QB- BenRoth

RB- JConner

RB- JBallage (starting him over McKissic this week)

TE- MAndrews

DST- Pitt

K-  Tucker


WR1- CalRidley


WR2-  ??

Flex-  ??


I have TeeHiggins, BCooks, JMeyers, and MWilliams for those 2 spots.  Here's what I am thinking...


Better players with Tough Matchups?

Higgins is a beast lately, but he has a much tougher matchup

BCooks, same as THig, but he draws Gilmore and I think that may not work out for him.  


Weaker team or Players with a better matchup?

JMeyers- getting stupid huge target share, which is what attracted me. BUT... NE has 3 Rb who like to run and a QB who thinks he's a RB.  On top of that Hou runD is poor, so why even pass?   Will the targets be there?


MWilliams- Boom or bust.  He's busted for me earlier this season, and it cost me.  That said, he has a QB who I respect, and... I mean... the Jets.  I am concerned that Keenan Allen will demoish the jets 2ndary, and so the long ball to Williams wont even be needed.  


In general, I have been having better success playing a lower tier guy vs a better matchup than just keeping in higher ranked players.  With Higgs and Cooks, should I even be considering MW and JM?   How much emphasis do you put on matchup?    I thought some guys (Cal ridley) were bascially matchup proof, but then week 4 he gave me a huge goose egg.  Similar with James Conner in weeks 1, 9, and 10.  


Apprecaite your advice specifically or in generality.  


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Looks like both of my decisions were the wrong ones.  Ouch.  Costing me the game on a must win.  

Big bummer.



Williams is tearing it up and Cooks had a far better game than Higgins.  Jakobi was an afterthought to the running game.  



I suspected all, and should have gone with my gut instead of looking at rankings. 


Becoming even more of a believer that Matchups >> Ranking.    The question is, to what extent?  To what differential?

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This has been my achilles heel, including today, sat Godwin for Marquise Brown.


Going back to last year my record is 6-18. I bet you 10 of those losses were sitting studs.


EDIT: Because I have nothing better to do with my time, I checked this and last years games on our ESPN league.


5 games last year were lost when I sat Henry or Woods in a "touch matchup" and 6 of my 8 this year were sitting a "stud"

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OK.  Interesting.   This year, for me, my gut says that streaming good matchups owuld have been better than  starting my supposed studs (conner, carson, ridely, AJBrown, Andrews) in tougher matchups.  


I need to refine my criteria for a cutoff between "better" and "weaker".    As I said, its a gut feeling right now, nothing quantifiable.  


Thanks for the input. 

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