Denzel Mims keeper value

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I'm in a 14-team .5 PPR keeper league. We get to keep up to two keepers, and lose the rd they were drafted in. Each subsequent year they are kept they move up 2 rds, and have to be let go for good after 3 consecutive keeps. 


After years of amazing keepers, it's not looking good for me this year. Below is my current roster, including player and rd he can be kept in. Undrafted players can be kept for a 15th round pick.


QB: Ryan (7), Tannehill (15)

RB: Kamara (N/A), Carson (2), Ekeler (2), Mattison (10), Booker (15)

WR: Adams (1), Kupp (3), Shepard (5), Deebo Samuel (6), Cole (15), J Brown (7)

TE: Smith (11)

D: PIT (13)

K: Carlson (15)


It's not looking good. Since I'm picking near the end of the first most likely, I'll probably keep Adams. After him I'm not sure.


Would Denzel Mims in the 15th be a better keeper value than any of the guys above?

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Adams and deebo would be my choice.  Only issue with deebo is injuries but he is a point scoring machine when on the field 

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