Firkser or the field?

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I have a similar post elsewhere on this forum but I thought I'd clarify a bit now that the situation is more concrete. Looks like Jonnu is out in a prime matchup (great). Naturally, I want to win this week, but if I don't I'll still be in the playoffs, so this ww add would be for the next 4 weeks.


1) What would you do in my shoes in a .5 PPR league?


Pick up Firkser for a great matchup this week and simply start Jonnu or Firkser in the coming weeks, depending on if Jonnu is healthy

- or -

pick up a TE on another team as an alternative?


Firkser (CLE, JAX, DET, GB)


Ertz (GB, NO, AZ, DAL)

Akins/Fells (IND, CHI, IND, CIN)

L Thomas (PIT, SF, SEA, CAR)

Cook (ATL, PHI, KC, MIN)

Reed (BUF, WAS, DAL, AZ)


2) Who gets dropped? Ryan, Mattison, or Cole?


QB: Tannehill, Ryan

RB: Kamara, Carson, Ekeler, Booker, Mattison

WR: Adams, Kupp, D Samuel, Shepard, Cole, J Brown

TE: Smith


K: Carlson



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