Miami Running Backs a Dolphin Disaster?

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I was perusing the depth charts for suitable handcuffs to stash away for weeks 14, 15, 16 (yes, I am being very optimistic).  


I came across Miami.  Whats going on there?  I dont hear much chatter about their backfield, but it looks like its a shambles right now.


Breida, and Ahmed both down this week, Liard and Washington laid pretty big goose eggs when they've been in.  Gaskin still on IR, but slated to return i now see?  Is Gaskin ready, or are they rushing him (ahem) back in?


Gaskin, Ahmen, Breida not available in my league. 


Worth grabbing anything else here, or am I digging too deep?



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Gaskin.  Dolphins like what they see and have the 7th rounder cheap for the next couple years.  Breida is useless.

Unless you are concerned about Achmed.

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10 minutes ago, JumpingJehosaphat said:

Brieda on Covid IR and Achmed and Washington are listed as doubtful. Gaskin activated off IR.


Guys off injury always scare me but hard to ignore gaskin with a good workload

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