Justifying Jamaal... RB hancuff

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Thinking out loud here. 


Williams is 2nd fiddle to a legit top 10 (maybe 5) rb in Jones, on a team that leans run heavy, and has been seeing more touches even behind a healthy #1.


Seems a pretty good handcuff option?  


Thinking of dropping ChaseE or McKissic, both of whom are COP backs that I like a lot, but arent seeing time in my #1, #2, or Felx spots and didnt flourish in the #1 role weeks ago.  


I think Williams has better upside.  


Thoughts on Williams?

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I think McKissic's run this season is over. WAS discovered last week that Gibson is an effective receiving back, too.


I'd drop McKissic for him.

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Good point, and I agree.    The checkdown Mania was fun while it lasted though, wasnt it?

Let's remove McKissic from the discussion, for conversational purposes.  



Jamaal vs Chase, or Jamaal on his own merits as a top tier handcuff.  

Greenbay just makes the top 10 in terms of rushing yards per game.   They are a run heavy team. 


Ariz is in the top 5.   Very run heavy.  


 So potentially, more touches by ChaseE.  That said, when Chase had practically all of the touches when Drake was out, he didnt really knock it out of the park in terms of fantasy points or ypc.    He is a great passing back, etc. and does see a high % of goal line passing looks (though not ever any rushing in the red zone)  


Jamaal does about as good with targets in the passing game.


Jones is top 3 in the entire NFL for combined passing/rushing touches (92).   During this time, as the #2 back, Jamaal has 77 combined touches... this is only 2 fewer than Conner, Pitts #1 back.   


Jamaal is Gio Bernard on a team that values the run more and has a much better O line.  

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21 minutes ago, 8rattoon said:

I like Williams over Edmonds, but do you have Jones already? Who are your other RBs?


2 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

Id drop edmonds before mckissic.  


Week 13 I have Carson and just picked up DBooker as my 1 and 2

I also have Conner in IR.


I have week 13 covered OK, and it'll be about 50-50 in my matchup.   

IF I win13, I still need to win 14 to be in the playoffs.  


My week 14 opponent is lightyears ahead of my team.  So, its the longest of longshots.


My strategy is, therefore, to focus all bench resources 100% on week 14.  I am clearing my 2nd and 3rd string off the bench and picking up the handcuffs to each of his studs.   Its about all i can think of for a last ditch effort week 14.  


 Mattison (cook), LatMurray (Kamara), and  JamaalW (Jones).    I already dropped GusE and McKissic to get the first 2.  Edmonds goes in order to score the last one on the list.   I think i am doing it. 





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