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2021 Draft order

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1) Hunting Beach Longhorns (2-11) [1961.7 PF]

2) Maryland Blue Crabs (2-11) [2163.9 PF]

3) The 4 Star (2-11) [2208.6 PF]

4) Columbus Cocks (4-9) [2229.3 PF]

5) Saskatchewan Yetis (4-9) [2500.9 PF]

6) Pennsylvania Postals (8-5) [2518.7 PF]

7) River City Reform (9-4) [Eliminated in week 14]

8) New York Godfather (10-3) [Eliminated in week 14]

9) Favre Dollar Footlongs [4th place]

10) Giant Sack Pack [3rd place]

11) Beirut Shisha [2nd place]

12) Dragline [1st place]

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Hello, since this is my first season I have a procedural question. I see this rule here: "The draft will proceed in reverse order based on the previous season's finish (total points as tie-breaker)."  So this order makes sense, but I want to know if head to head comes into this at all like a playoff seeding tiebreaker or is it just always default league wide points for draft order and head to head for playoffs? Longhorns didn't play either me or Crabs, and we (me and Crabs) split our games so this makes sense regardless, but I'm just curious if that was even a consideration for this. Thank you! This has been an. interesting year for sure and I can't wait for the offseason.

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For draft order seeding, we have used overall record and total points only.

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