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Weird playoff schedule in my league, so this week is the semis. Won pretty handily in the quarter final 173.66 to 98.82. Now I'm up against the #1 Seed. 

My roster:


Rb:Kamara, Chubb

Wr:Ridley, Aiyuk


Flex: J. Taylor

Kicker: Butker

Def: Miami


Bench: Mostert, Gio Bernard,  Ty Johnson, Diontae Johnson, McLaurin, Kittle, Dolphins dst.

He is the #1 scoring team and has won. The league championship two years running.  Crossing my fingers Kittle will be back. 

Any lineup advice? I feel okay everywhere but kicker,  lmao. Every little bit counts.

Screenshot_20201222-132158_NFL Fantasy.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-132206_NFL Fantasy.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-132213_NFL Fantasy.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-132219_NFL Fantasy.jpg

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