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UUUGGG COVID again. need QB / WR advice

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just lost Landry [ rest CLE WR's gone too but Hall ]


.5 ppr


have starter

QB Mayfield  Cle at  NYJ


left on bench available [ rest out or played ]

Pittman  WR  Ind  at PIT

Samuel  WR  Car  at  WFT


have 1 move left to get someone. do I play Baker and get  [ best available FA ]


Tyron Johnson   WR  LAC vs DEN  [ Allen likely out ]    

AJ Green  WR CIN  at HOU   -  [ T Boyd out ]

G Ward  PHI at DAL


or get QB and play Pittman or Samuel  [ QB's avail ]

Trubisky CHI at JAX 

Rivers  IND  at PIT


or just play what I got??


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6 hours ago, Montana is da Man said:

Play baker and grab hall for the stack........oh and pray


My opponent is doing just that.  Hall on bench right now though.  

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