Unique Wrestling Themed league. Bestball / Superflex. Champ gets cash+ engraved belt

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I’m looking for 23 other Pro Wrestling Fans to join me in a brand-new unique Wrestling Themed redraft. I know its super early to be talking redrafts, but I’m excited about this league and think other wrestling fans will be too.


What makes this league unique besides being wrestling themed?

-Owners must name teams after professional wrestlers. Commish has final approval on names.

-Each week is named after a PPV and the winner each week wins $100.

-Tag Teams-There is a tag team tourney, where the winning team splits $350.

-After week 13, the Wrestler with the most wins becomes the Intercontinental Champion and earns a spot in the league championship match at WrestleMania.

-Week 14 is the Royal Rumble- Winner will take on the IC Champ in the League Championship at WrestleMania.

-The League Champion receives $500 plus an engraved Championship Belt.


Basic league info:


-$116 entry fee. Leaguesafe used, 100% paid out in cash and belt minus MFL fee.

-24 teams

-Best Ball

-All in play schedule


-23-man roster. No Kicker or Def.

-2 copies of each player in the league

-No IR or Taxi Squad.

-Trading is only allowed in the preseason. When the regular season starts, trading is turned off.

- Blind Bid waivers then first come first served.


Thanks for looking. If interested please email fmlcommish @

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