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Hello Fantasy Football Heads,


Been here a while lurking with another account. This year though I thought I would make a post about a simulation league that I'm in. Where we have a ton of fantasy leagues as well. But wanted to make a post about the league, in case anyone is interested. If you got any questions just let me know. 


The ISFL is a sim league where you create and control the destiny of a football player. You can create anything from a receiving back to a ball hawking safety to a big legged kicker. After your player is created, they will eventually be drafted to a team that is managed by real people as well. Once you’re on a team, you can watch your player compete in your team’s games multiple times each week in the video game DDSPF21 on our YouTube channel, which is listed below.


You can improve your player’s attributes by doing optional tasks each week, such as predicting the winners of each game during the regular season or creating a simple mock draft for the ISFL Draft in the offseason! You can spend as much or as little time on this league as you want - anywhere from just 15 minutes per week to hours upon hours.

This league is absolutely 100% free. You will never have to spend real money, and there is no way to “pay to win”. The only “money” involved is fake league money that you can earn through player contracts or through various tasks to purchase extra attribute points, or things like ISFL trading cards.


The playoffs begin tomorrow at 8pm EST on the YouTube channel below, so come stop by to see if this is something that you may be interested in! If it is, please join the ISFL Rookie Discord, where our team of rookie mentors will help you get started!


Rookie Discord:


Rookie Guide:


Our YouTube Channel:

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1 hour ago, ISFL_FantFootballer said:

Been here a while lurking with another account



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