Give up herbert?

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A guy in my league wants J. Herbert from me. Ppr league.

My team:
Qb: Herbert
Rb: Gibson, gaskin, collins, herbert, J. Wilson (ir)
Wr: Johnson, Allen, toney, crowder, callaway, meyers, juedy and Bateman (ir)
Te: gronk, gesiki


His team:
Burrow, mayfield
McCaffrey, Edmonds, Dar. William's, sanders
Ridley, Diggs, claypool, Higgins, shepard, thomas (ir)
Waller, pitts


He said he'd include burrow in with any trade. What are some opinions on who I should go after, if any? He's 0-5 with the most points scored against him so far.

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Herberts pretty valuable. I’d try to snake Ridley from him for a low cost. I feel like he’s gonna have a big rest of the year unless he’s willing to part with cmc. So my answer is try to bundle one of your receivers with Herbert for Ridley and burrow



what About mine 



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