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Try not to laugh........ Pick my QB!

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I am in a 2 QB league and I have to choose between Zach Wilson and Case Keenum for the start this week. Wilson is playing AT New England. He only had 5 points playing at home vs. New England earlier this year. 
Keenum is capable of putting up points but he is going up against a tough Denver D and he has a depleted lineup without Chubb, Hunt and maybe OBJ. Who would you start?


Zach Wilson @ NE




Case Keenum vs. DEN 

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Landry has not yet been cleared to play either, and 3 of the 5 OL are questionable (both tackles missed last week). And their defense has a bunch of injuries too, so they'll give up 30-40 points. Wilson has had 2 decent games and 3 stinkers, so I can see why you're considering Keenum, and it may be the right call. Of course you'll have an extra couple of days to possibly kick yourself over the decision if it goes bad. 

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