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50th birthday a few years ago

Bier Meister

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For my 50th, I am taking my closer friends out to one of my favorite restaurants and a night downtown in SF Hakkasan


menu for the night (still selecting the wine)...


Small eats
Hakka steamed dim sum
Szechuan lamb tenderloin with mantou
Crispy duck salad
Sauteed seabass, scallop and prawn with Chinese chive
Black truffle roasted duck
Sweet and sour pork tenderloin
Stir-fry black pepper rib eye of beef with merlot
Lotus root, asparagus, lily bulb (Vegan)
Hakka noodle (Vegetarian, no egg) 
Steamed Jasmine rice
Assorted, Chef selections
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20 minutes ago, rajncajn said:

I'm your friend. :D

it was wonderful, and unfortunately a victim of covid.  The closed.  There is one in Vegas.  

for that dinner we reserved a private room… and they were very accommodating. Allowed us to extend our time until we closed. Really fun night.

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Looks very upscale. One of the nicer Chinese restaurants here in Akron is just barely getting by on carry out since COVID hit they've had the dining room closed. Last time I was there neither of the regulars I'd see at the counter were there (I believe family members, much of the staff thru pandemic was all Asian). A customer asked them when they'll re-open, after they were already explaining how hard it is to find people to work, as one of them said "people who at least return for a second shift.".  Maybe time for some carryout for dinner tonight.

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