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Ugh... Sit DK for Jacobs?


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Standard scoring. I am considering starting DJ Moore and Ridley at WR, and sitting DK for Jacobs - I am overthinking this?


Seems no Russ, plus Jacobs looking healthy, Philly's bad run D, Barber a healthy scratch, and Drake only playing 11 snaps last week... seems to point to the fact that the LV interim likes Jacobs a bunch.


Thoughts are appreciated!

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15 minutes ago, stevegrab said:

For sure if not PPR, and if it is PPR its pretty close. 


Not sure the coaching change matters, there was never any question who the top RB was on this team, it wasn't just Gruden that loved Jacobs. 

True, the GM who drafted him is now in charge of personnel. I do like DK with Geno, Geno will be laser focused on DK. Can’t go wrong IMO.


help me please.


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4 minutes ago, League_Champion said:

Of course Jacobs. There's a lot of Jacobs hate and I don't get it. When he plays he's productive. He should be a mainstay in any lineup. 

Agree. I got him off waivers in one league. People assume Drake and Barber will cut into his workload but it hasn’t happened. It’s also a bonus raiders offense is better than expected and the QB doesn’t steal red zone rushes.

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