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What do you need tonight - Week 7 MNF


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Starting this early, as I won't have time tomorrow.  Survived my two survivor pools, and advanced in the Guillotine. :headbang:  As for the rest, lots of matchups still up in the air once again this week.....


FFPC Victory Pts League - Down 16, with Kamara and Metcalf against Lockett.  Could go either way.  


Weapons of DMD Redraft - Down 26, with Geno and Callaway against NOS D.  Scoring is funky.  Don't really like my chances unless Geno has a big night, which I'm not counting on.  :blink:


CA Huddle Redraft - Down 14, with Kamara and Callaway left.  Should win this one, but not a lock.


Local Redraft (no PPR) - Up 23, going against Lockett.  Should be a W, but you never know.  Lockett has one of "those" games and it's over.  


Local Keeper - Down 26, with Lockett and Winston.  Should be close, if it's the kind of game I'm expecting it to be.  


Dynasty IDP #1 - Need 2 pts from SEA CB DJ Reed to pick up the win.  No problem, right?  This year, who knows.  


Dynasty IDP #2 - Up 24, with Metcalf against Kamara.  Need this one.  


Dynasty IDP #3 - Up 12, with Callaway, Cam Jordan, and Jenkins against Lockett and Dissly.  Should be OK, as long as Lockett is "Jekyll" Lockett and not "Hyde."  


Dynasty IDP #4 - Up 44, with Juwan Johnson left to play (thanks, Waller).  My opponent still has Cam, Demario, Wagner, and DJ Reed.  This has the feels of one of those "watching every tackle in the 4th quarter" type of matchups, as it could come down to the wire.  :blink:


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Redraft #1 - need Jason Myers to not kick 20 FGs


Redraft #2 - up 30 with NOS D going against Lockett.  Should be OK but you never know.


Dynasty #1 - down 59 with Geno Smith going against Quandre Diggs.  I'm not feeling good about this one.  I can't believe how badly I got stung with bye weeks.


Dynasty #2 - up 90ish facing Winston, Metcalf and Myers.  Should be OK but you never know.


Dynasty #3 - up 50 facing Callaway and Malcolm Jenkins.  Should be OK but once again, you never know.


Dynasty #4 - up 37 with Jenkins and everyone's favorite safety, Jamal Adams going against Myers.  Feel good here, and was hit hard by byes in this one too.


Dynasty #5 - down 50ish with only Adams left... not happening.


Dynasty #6 - up 29 with Jenkins vs. Diggs.  Funky scoring so I pretty much have this one nailed.


Dynasty #7 - down 24 with Winston, Kamara, Cameron Jordan and Bobby Wagner.  I will have to really poo the bed to not win this one.


Enjoy the game!

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