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Time to drop Arob?


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12 team .5 PPR Superflex league.


Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, SFlex, DST.


Is it time to drop Arob? I'm going to need a roster spot once Thomas returns from IR. He has an upcoming bye and looks completely useless in that offense. Fields is lost and Nagy is Nagy.


My team:


QB: Jackson, Cousins, Goff

RB: Henry, McKissic, Gainwell, Murray, D Johnson, Jamaal Williams

WR: Ridley, Arob, DJ Moore, Meyers, M Thomas (IR)

TE: Gesicki


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22 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

Drop him but if Dalton starts being qb again he will be useful

Agreed. I can't stand the rookie hype-driven narrative that Fields' arrival would all of a sudden increase the value of Chicago skill players.


Granted, much of it is due to Nagy's general incompetence, but starting Fields has driven that offense into the ground.

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1 hour ago, League_Champion said:

Only if there's better out there. You can always try to trade him real low. I'm not sure what that may get you, maybe a deep bench lottery ticket? 

I should elaborate. New strategy:


Nothing really of interest on the ww, but when Thomas comes back, I'll need to drop somebody.


If MT is gone at least another week, I should be fine, because then I can drop crappy Goff once Jackson and Cousins are through their byes. However, TB DST has a bye in week 9, and I'd like to hold them through their bye if possible. I could also drop them straight up for BUF.

BUF is on the ww and I was thinking of being proactive and trying to pick them up this week, which would mean I would need to drop somebody besides Goff.


Considering my starting requirements, roster and byes, would you drop Arob for BUF D so that I'm set up for week 9, or just switch out TB DST for BUF straight up?

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