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About to be 1-6. What can I do to improve my team?


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I'm about to be 1-6 and have had a few injuries but not enough where I should be 1-6. I play in a 2 QB league so Wilson getting hurt screwed me over with Cousins on a by this week. I also have the 2nd most points scored against me which doesn't help, next person behind me has about 75 points less scored against. Here's my team. 10 person ppr


QB: Russel Wilson 

QB: Kirk Cousins 

RB: Ezekiel Elliot

RB: Najee Harris

WR: Stephen Diggs

WR: Ja'Marr Chase

TE: Dalton Schultz 

Flex:Josh Jacobs 

K: Nick Folk



QB: Geno Smith, Zack Wilson (both had to start this week unfortunately, no one else available)


RB: Chris Carson, Tony Pallard

WR:Sterling Shepard, Julio Jones

TE: Noah Fant

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29 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

Just looks like bad luck....ride it out and hope you stop facing the highest scoring team each week


Ya it feels like that's all I can do. The only trade I would make would be to get another QB at this point but there are none available that I would want to move my starting RBs and WRs for. The good news is that this is a keepers league and I'll have Diggs in the 7th, Chase in the 11th, and 1 more I can pick so I'll be good for WRs next year and pick RBs and WRs with my 1st four picks 

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43 minutes ago, League_Champion said:

Until you fix that QB situation there's nothing that you can do. You actually have a pretty good squad. You probably ran into a few buzzsaws along the way. 

Yup, there's no one on waivers so I'll try and grab Tyrod Taylor on waivers this week to replace Zack willion and geno smith until Russel comes back. No better options besides trying for a trade.


I would also have 3 wins if I scored 3-5 more points in week 2 and 4

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Have some of the same players(Wilson, Carson, Jacobs), and even in a 1 QB league that can cause some pain, just ended a 4 game losing streak to get to 3-4 


Agree there isn't much you can do, the backup QB that might get the start is one path. Dalton may be worth considering, but maybe the Bears continue to with Fields another week (bye in week 9). 

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