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Trade Damien Harris for Dalton Schulz


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Waller is on bye week 8...Harris had a good game...should I try to sell high or sit on him for depth?


2-5 owner has Schulz and Gesicki and would move one of them for Harris (he lost Hunt and Montgomery to IR, has Chubba and James Robinson starting with Elijah Mitchell on the bench.  Was a rough week for him this week, only put up 57 points (has Darnold at QB and Shepard went out at WR).


Wonder if I ought to make the move for Schulz OR if he might throw in anything else due to Harris' hot outing...try to get Elijah Mitchell or Thielen from him?


His roster here:

QB: Dak, Darnold

RB: Mitchell, Hunt, Montgomery, Chubba

WR: Lockett, Shepard, Thielen, Jones Sr

TW: Gesicki, Schulz


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43 minutes ago, Hayduke said:

@Montana is da Man yeah?  Hmm...I liked Schulz' matchup (vs Min) better than Gesicki (vs Buf) initially.  Schulz is the 3rd ranked TE to date, Gesicki the 8th.  Think I could get away with adding Mitchell or a WR for depth...?  Suppose it depends on if he wants to shake things up a bit...eh?


I see Gesicki as #3 in ppr leagues.  Is this standard scoring?  


If you cN either TE with Mitchell I would 100% do it

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