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Weird Situation


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My opponent this week dropped Wentz and picked up Darnold. I have to admit I was a little worried as a NYG matchup was pretty tasty for him. I see how sh*tty he was doing and went to check the score of our matchup. The dumb arss forgot to put him in his lineup. I talked to the commish and he said that he can still put a QB in his lineup as long as he drops one of his bye week players. As fate would have it, both MNF QBs are available. There are 3 players he could drop (Prescott-not, J Jefferson-probably not, or L Shenault) . 
I’m up by 70 points but he has Kamara, Lockett,  and possibly Winston or Geno. I have the Saints D. 
  I would have felt pretty comfortable but now? As of this time he still hasn’t picked up another QB but I’m really paranoid. Crazy sh*t as his mistake could end up doing him a favor.:bash:

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Maybe you'll get lucky and the clueless owner will remain clueless. 


I found out my opponent (who had added Stevenson and started him due to byes/injuries) did try to replace, but apparently too late to be able to get it done. He contacted the other commissioner about it and eventually said "nevermind I'm getting blown out". Which tells me he was trying to make a change during the 1PM Eastern games (Mahomes was sucking big time for him). but Stevenson's game already started, doesn't matter if he was inactive, he was in their line-up and locked (CBS shows a little lock by the player and they cannot be removed from the line-up). 


Wouldn't have mattered, there were no available RBs that were going to score the 50 points he needed in the end. 

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