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2021 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread


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Th’ Black Pearl

1. SoCal ChARRRRRRgers  - Chubba Hubbard RB CAR - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

2. Sin City Scallywags - Forego the plundarrrrrr

3. Whitecourt Blackbeards Stefon Diggs WR BUF - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

4. Pitcairn Island Plankdancers - Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

5. Yang City Hornswagglers - Zach Ertz TE ARI - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

6. San Dimas Sea Dogs - Antonio Brown WR TB - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

7. Redondo Jolly Rodgers - Buffalo Team Def - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

8. Quaker Cove Wench Vessel - Forego the plundarrrrrr (no one left to Plundarrrrr)


Th’ Flyin Dutchman

1. Seattle Pieces of Eights  Ryan Tannehill QB TEN - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

2. Marauders of Island Long - Mark Andrews TE BAL - Plundarrrrrr Failed

3. We Ho Coxswains - Dalvin Cook RB MIN - Plundarrrrrr Failed

4. Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - Christian McCaffrey RB CAR Plundarrrrrr Successful!

5. Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers - Deebo Samuel WR SF - Plundarrrrrr Failed

6. ORre'gon RumRunners - Adam Thielen WR MIN - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

7. Chesapeake Bay Pirates - Kyle Pitts TE ATL - Plundarrrrrr Successful!

8. Tortuga Gibbets - Jerry Jeudy WR DEN - Plundarrrrrr Successful! 

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10 minutes ago, SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers said:

I be Plundaaaar'n Chuba Hubbard from the Redondo Jolly Rogers


Ol' Chuba Hubbard be movin' to the decks of SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers.




Sin City Scallywags is on the clock - pick by 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific

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4 minutes ago, Eights said:





Ryan T. will be joinin' yer crew shortly.  


Howard, the Marauders of island Long can make yer' attempt anytime now.

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2 minutes ago, FWmaker said:

Marauders of Island Long jump aboard the ship of the Tortuga Gibbets to grab their new bilge pump boy, Mark Andrews


Come along quietly!


YARRRRRRRR. Ye be hittin' a depth charge.  Unsuccessful plundARRRRRRR!  At least ye' have rum!

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5 minutes ago, McLucksack said:

The Blackbeards slip along side ‘o’ the Plankdancers and invite privateer Stefon Diggs ta do his jiggin’ upon arrrr deck.


Stefon Diggs is now in the crows nest of the Whitecourt Blackbeards!




Pitcairn Island Plankdancers are on the clock - pick by 8:30pm eastern, 5:30pm pacific

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From Yang City:

Hey! My plunder pick below:
  • Team: SoCal ChARRRRRRgers
  • Player: Zach Ertz (TE)
Let me know if this is successful or not!
Zach Ertz be packin’ his sun tan lotion and joins the Hornswaggler’s scow!
San Dimas Sea Dogs is on the clock!
And has to 9:55pm eastern, 6:55pm pacific to pick
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9 minutes ago, awoloz said:

we ho would like to plundar and have dalvin cook walk the plank from marauders of island long! 

depth charrrrrrrge. Yer pickin’ skillz be a bit rusted….like an old sea hag. But again, ye still have rum.

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Antonio Brown jumps into a phone booth and makes a most excellent adventure over to the San Dimas Sea Dogs!  Problem is, will he party on, dude?





Redondo Jolly Rodgers on the clock - make pick before 10:55 pm eastern, 7:55 pm pacific





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5 minutes ago, KRUMP said:

Redondo Jolly Rodgers be batten down the hatches.  


Time for the Defenders of Buffalo to abandon the Hornswagglers ship and join our crew 


Aiming high with a team defense plundarrrrrrrr, The Redondo Jolly Rodgers successfully steal away the Tatonka Defense. 


Since the Wench Vessel is the only team left and also the only team not-plundarrrred, the Wenches will be foregoingin the plundarrrrrrrr (unless they want to steal one of their own pirates!).  That completes the mid-season plundarrrrrr in Th' Pearl. 

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The wenches have been satisfied with their fleet of men each week (except for Kittle THAT BUM) so thank ye for not touchin' the treasures aboard the Wench Vessel, gentlemen [kiss emoji that doesn't exist]

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