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What to do about DST?


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I posted something similar elsewhere but now I've gathered my thoughts on it and will re-frame.


My DST is TB, but they have a bye in week 9. BUF was dropped earlier in the week. They have a great matchup each of the next 3 weeks, including week 9.


Below is my roster. It's a .5 PPR Superflex league. Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, Sflex, DST.


QB: Jackson, Cousins, Goff

RB: Henry, Gainwell, D'Ernest, McKissic, Jamaal Williams, Murray

WR: Ridley, ARob, DJ Moore, Meyers, M Thomas (IR)

TE: Gesicki



To take care of my week 9 DST hole, should I:

A: drop TB straight up for BUF and roll with BUF for ROS?

B: drop somebody else for BUF and carry 2 DSTs for 2 weeks? If so, who do I drop?

C: ignore BUF and pick up somebody else next week?


Keep in mind that if MT comes off of IR this week, I have to drop somebody else anyway, which would limit choice B above.



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12 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

Drop TB and roll with Buff


Agreed. If you dropped someone else, you'd end up dropping a defense anyway to make space for Michael Thomas, at least by making the swap now you buy yourself anywhere from a few extra days to a week+ to make the decision of who to cut

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