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is Mike Davis droppable?


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I’m done with him. Not sure if it’s the right move or I’m just very aggravated but I’m going to take a chance. 
I’m dropping him and trying to pick up either Michael Carter or Alex Collins on waivers.


I have Cook, Henderson, Mattison and Edmonds. 


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Cook, Mattison, Gibson and Fournette are all way ahead of Davis.  Williams and Herbert have more value now, but will be of less value when the teams starting RBs return. 


So for me it boils down to, would Davis be in my active line-up anytime soon. If not, what about in 2-3-4 weeks when Williams/Herbert may have little value? 


I know some teams look like a fantasy wasteland, and Davis role in the Falcons running game fits. In part because he's just not very good, I suspect their OL isn't either and that's why a gadget guy like Patterson is having more success. 


Davis is still the top RB, but Patterson eats into his numbers a lot, making him less valuable. They are basically 1A/1B, and I find those guys hard to cut. Some more numbers...

Davis is on the field 65% of snaps, has 66 carries & 18 rec, 84 touches

Patterson just 45% on offense, but also plays a lot of ST, 55 carries & 27 rec for 82 touches

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