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Nick Chubb?


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I have chubb as my defacto rb1.  I have the same concerns, but for me its really worth the risks.  My next "best" backs are Mitchell, an injured CEH, and Moss.  So I think even with Chubbs potentially limited touches and managed time its worth it to start him.    If I had mixon and Ekeler, chubb may be sitting. 


Its a great question though, I share your concerns, and I am tagging this to see what others think.  

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Good reason to be concerned, especially since there is still a chance Chubb doesn't play. He should return, is expected to return, but the stories I read and hear are not saying he is certain to return.


I think with the trouble at QB and WR they will lean on the run, and won't want to over work Chubb. But I'd expect a solid performance out of him if active. 


It is unlikely that most chubb owners have a better option on their bench, with byes and injuries taking their toll. 

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I have same concern.  Was able to pickup and play D'Ernest last week and am hanging on to him for now.  Go figure, my drafted RB1&2 are Chubb and Barkley...WW pickups D'Ernest and Mitchell started and were contributors to my week7 win.


If Chubb plays he'll be in my line up, I just can't sit him.  Heck, maybe I'll even go with the Chubb/Johnson combo. 

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