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Trade James Robinson for?


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I have a solid RB group, but my WR core is literal trash.

Would you trade James Robinson for AJ Brown OR for Thielen and Waddle


0.5 ppr:

- We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex


- Marquise Brown, Allen Robinson, Darius Slayton, Jamison Crowder, MVS


- Zeke, Robinson, Alex Collins, Michael Carter, Damien Harris

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4 minutes ago, Yoyo said:

You need wr help, but I don't think that you can lose Jrob to do it.

I love J Rob. But can I win games with my 3 RBs alone (Zeke, JRob, Harris)?

My 2 RB Spots and Flex is locked on those 3 unless injuries or bye weeks occur.

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I agree that getting rid of JRob will make your RBs hard to fill. It moves Harris (not the really good one) into our RB2 slot, and Collins short term then Carter at flex. That's a big dropoff.


If I were to make the deal I'd take Theilen and Waddle, I'm not sure that AJ Brown is that much ahead of Theilen and with your WR group two starters can help. 


As usual lots of varying opinions. 

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