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Drop Landry to pick up Shenault Jr ?


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So I need a WR because of Devante Adams being out


Currently my WR on my team are Sutton, Adams, Allen Robinson, Landry and Bateman


Should i leave it the way it is and start Landry and Sutton, or should i drop Landry for Shenault?

12 Team .5 PPR


Other FA WR right now, Cobb, MVS, Cole Beasley 



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5 minutes ago, stevegrab said:

Why drop Landry over Bateman and ARob?


Also I would rather have Cobb than Shenault, not sure about MVS or Beasely 

Batman I'm looking to stash and I can afford to keep on my bench right now 

ARob i do want to drop him, but I want to wait till after the trade deadline incase a contender might trade for him

I was thinking Cobb as well , but just had a feeling for Shenault

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Ok so this week you'll drop Landry, and next week you'll drop ARob, who are you going to get off waivers then? I doubt anybody of Landry's caliber and potential.


Maybe I'm being a homer and over valuing Landry. Just seems like you're holding other WRs hoping they have value, while dumping a guy that would be one of your starters with Adams out.


Good luck either way, I'm an Adams owner as well and dealing with a ton of other injuries (Russ, Carson, Jacobs, Hunt, OBJ). 

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