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Drop Carson


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I am 5-2 but injuries piling up a little.


My team with my concerns:


QB: Hurts (gonna keep his job)

RB1: Zeke

RB: Sanders, Gainwell, Singeltary, Carson (injuries and a bunch of time shares)

WR: Hopkins, Deebo, AJ Brown, M Thomas (Injuries, usage, does MT come back)

TE: andrews, henry (week 8 fill in)


I have two defenses so plan to drop one Sunday to grab Carr or Bateman


Would you drop Carson to add: David Johnson, Bateman? or too risky

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46 minutes ago, Yoyo said:

I'd be more inclined to drop Singletary for him. You could drop your def to get Carr or Bateman, and then drop Henry in waivers for either, or try to trade Henry to a TE needy team for wr depth.


51 minutes ago, League_Champion said:

I wouldn't. He's eligible to return week 10. That doesn't mean he will but Baring a setback he is coming back. 


Thanks. Always nice to get some clarity.


My opponent could use a D this week, so I am waiting until Sunday to drop the Rams for Carr.


Then next week, I will either trade Henry or drop him for a RB, WR, or even stash like Trey Lance.

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