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Am I Giving Too Much?


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I just asked a someone in my league what he wanted for Tee Higgins. I am absolutely loaded at RB but weak at WR.


J Taylor 

E Mitchell



M Ingram

S Perine.    Yes I’m a RB whore





C Sutton 

H Renfro


His WRs:

M Williams

A Thielien

AJ Brown

J Waddle

T Higgins


He offered me T  Higgins for Mitchell straight up. Iosing Mitchell won’t hurt me too much but it just doesn’t feel right. What do you think? By the way I’m 5-2 and tied for first


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28 minutes ago, GoBlue41 said:

I think it's too much. Moss might be better if he is desperate for a RB like you are a WR. I don't think Ingram or Perine would get you much but you can try!!

Agree that you should try Moss for Higgins. As long as Jimmy G is starting, I think Mitchell will do well. Who knows what Carson will be upon return. Keep your core 3 rb's.

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43 minutes ago, League_Champion said:

You're not as loaded as you think at RB. I wouldn't do that. You need Mitchell more than you need a WR. 

I agree with this.


moss, Ingram, perine aren’t really usable week to week.  Carson obviously isn’t either for the next few weeks.


id stay put -or- send moss for him

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