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WR Insanity - Need Help


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Between drafting poorly and injuries I’m not sure what if I should make a move or stand pat and hope for the best. I’m currently 4-3 in a 12 team Half-PPR where we start 2WR and 1 Flex.


Also someone offered me E. Sanders straight up for A Brown, do I even entertain that? I know Brown is hurt, but he’s been solid and he’s the only real WR I have.




RB:A. Jones/Mixon/Collins

WR:Antonio Brown/Julio Jones/S. Shepard/K. Toney/A Robinson



Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

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At least you admitted your horrible drafting. Lol but just leave it alone. Your not gaining much when brown is healthy Brady loves to throw to him. He loves to throw to every bucs wR. Sanders isn't bad as i actually have him in my league where I'm 7 and 0 but he just sits on my bench....I've on the other hand drafted very well... lol

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Being a 12 team league I'm sure there are other teams that are needy as well.  Since you have 2 nyg wr, I would wait for one to blow up this week and package them with one of your te to a team that has a big need at te.  I think with the right combo you could get a high wr2 or even low end wr1 for them.  Maybe someone like ridley or Keenan Allen who could be wr1s ros.  If hock has another big game and one of the giants blow up you could go even higher. 


I would rather hold toney BTW, as his ceiling is insane but move whoever blows up first.  I think hock is still better ros as well but eetz should be solid at arizona.

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