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Trade offer: What is fair for J. Allen and J. Jefferson ?


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I have been approached by an owner on what my asking price would be for my Josh Allen and Justin Jefferson for any of his roster:
His Roster:
Russell Wilson
Jalen Hurts


Ezekiel Elliott
Alvin Kamara
D'Andre Swift
Zack Moss
J.K. Dobbins


DK Metcalf
Michael Pittman
Marquise Brown
Tyler Lockett
Chase Claypool
Jerry Jeudy


I am in a 12 team keeper league with 0.5 ppr scoring.

My current roster is:
QB: J. Allen 
RB: J.Jacobs, A. Peterson, AJ Dillon ,K. Gainwell and A.Collins
WR: J.Jefferson, A.Robinson, C. Sutton, R. Bateman, J. Meyers
TE: Gesicki 


I definately need the RB help, and lots to choose from.   Thinking 3 players:  Zeke or Kamara and  Kelce or Metcalf  and Wilson 

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I would ask for Wilson, Kamara, and Metcalf. Start there and see what he comes back with. This could be a great opportunity for you to improve your team. You need an RB1 in the worst way. But you can’t do this without getting Zeke or Kamara.

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2 hours ago, Yoyo said:

Do you have another qb? Don't think you can get Metcalf. If you have a decent 2 qb to cover until Wilson return, then how about Wilson, Kamara, Pittman, Lockett for Allen, Jefferson, Meyers, Gainwell.

Yea I don’t expect the guy will throw in Metcalf but he can always start there and see what he counters with.

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