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E Mitchells fantasy outlook with Jeff wilson back?

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EliMitchell is my RB2 while CEH is layed up and in IR.  Jeff Wilson is a FA.  


I'd have to drop my QB4  (superflex) either taysom hill or tyrod taylor  or my WR4 (sanders) to pick up wilson.  


Is Eli still going to be the guy?  Will Wilson get the job back?  Ugly time share?  Too soon to tell?


Both QB and RB are in tight demand, so Its sort of a big deal.  I doubt Wilson lasts much longer as a FA.   Leaning to Keeping the QB...  


General thoughts on Wilson/Mitchell or specifically on my scene?

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1 hour ago, FinishTheDrill said:


Montana, we pay your salary to do better than that.  There are certain expectations.  A bar has been set!


(yeah, I agree.  too soon.  I am trying to jump ahead of the curve with some of htese adds...)


My checks must be getting lost in the mail.  


I've picked up Wilson in a few leagues.  I dont think he takes over the backfield right away but he does when Mitchell inevitably gets hurt

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